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~*LJ Undergoing Remodeling. Mood Theme Complete. Profile Complete. Retooling Complete. Interests Update Complete. All Hail The Dark Lord.*~

Fanthings (Characters + Pairings + Rivalries; you can pretty much assume I like what they're from.):

Messed-up, semi-neurotic, and completely and totally crazy. Lover of sci-fi, anime, and pixie sticks. Person who can do a thing with his LJ once and never ever find the command to modify it ever again. I probably have a great many problems with long and complicated names.

I have a great many fandoms, and I often gain more. Pretty much all of them are crazy, too. Nifty, huh?

I also get easily hooked on online text-based RPGs (like B.O.T.S.), adventure swords and sorcery RPGS (like AdventureQuest), RPGs. Like TPPC. *shifty-eyes* Nobody saw that. You won't see me on any forums for my main fandom (Rockman.exe), though. I've come to accept 90% of that fandom is crazier than any other. The only set of forae (I know it's not a real word. It's my word.) I'm still on are the ones at 5MV And that's because it's the good kind of crazy there. Oh, and Ninpocho. But I'm an Admin there so I kind of have to be.

Current Videogame: Pokemon White (Complete)

Previous Videogames: Pokemon Platinum Friend Code: 2321 2016 9739, Pokemon Diamond (100%) Friend Code: 1418 7555 4138
Writing Comm: lostnfoundmind
Update/Writing Journal: shadeofblues
Ninpocho Username: Shoukyou Tatsuya

Hogwarts is Home, a Sorting Hat community!<--Note to self, to be replaced by house-promoting graphic ASAP.
Wand: 13 1/2", scorched birch wood, core of Runespoor fang. Suited for those who deal with Dark Arts. Birch is a wood associated with rejuvenation, renewal, rebirth, and adaptability. The wood is flexible usually, and is linked to the element of fire. The scorched wood indicates an active personality, a person who is willing to risk being burned in order to push forward.

Mudblood. A Harry Potter RP set 100 years after the epilogue, where Muggles are starting to find out about magic...and that doesn't go well. My usernames are Kerestel, Fortuné, and Lisse.


Name: Kevin
DOB: 12/11/88
Location: BC

Do I NEED to show you my card?

*points up* Sums it up nicely, doesn't it?

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